Custom Fit Guards CF Auto V2 ear plug review

So, I’ve been holding off writing this review on Custom Fit Guards CF Auto V2 ear plugs for some time.

Why? I wanted to do at least 500 miles worth of riding with them in and I wanted to test them in a variety of conditions, from seeing if I could hear the cashier at the petrol station, to seeing if it would prevent a headache after a long day of screaming around a track.

Having put these dual purpose ear plugs through their paces, I am pleased with my findings.

I first tried these out on my daily commute, a combo of town riding and motorway slogs.  I am fortunate enough to have BMW company bikes at my disposal so I get to listen to a variety of soundtracks on my commute home, from screaming inline 4s to thumping twins, my ears constantly take a battering.

The first thing that I noticed when I put the Custom fit guard V2 plugs in, was that I could still hear everything around me. I almost thought to myself ‘are these even working?’ I could hear the exhaust notes beautifully and I could hear police and ambulance sirens whilst riding through the chaotic city of Manchester during rush hour.

As I was shocked I could still hear everything and had complete situational awareness whilst riding, I decided to pull in at a petrol station, remove the plugs and see if there was a difference.

Was there? Absolutely! I was astonished by how loud the wind noise was and how loud my exhaust sounded without them in. This test made me realise that you can still hear everything that is happening when they’re in, except harsh wind noise and screaming engines sound somewhat dampened and less stressful on the ear.

One of the really cool features that is unique to the CF Auto V2, is that it gives the rider the option to choose whether they want the noise lessened or blocked out completely. The design team at CFG have craftily combined 2 of their most popular plugs, the CF Auto (lets in minimal sound in by utilising a filter) and the CF Block (blocks around 30db as CFGs most protective plug) into one product, giving the rider choice with their protection level. Having the filter uncovered is perfect for road riding so you can still be aware of traffic sounds and having the filter covered is ideal for track since you’re usually sitting at eye watering RPM whilst giving it the berries.

I have since used my Custom Fit Guard V2s on my track days in order to test them in a different environment to my daily one. My Suzuki GSXR usually hits around 98 db at noise testing so when it’s bouncing off the limiter on the back straights, I am grateful for the reduced noise as it helps with riding fatigue. I rode all day with them in and was still able to hear everything my partner Mike was saying when I pulled into the garage. The only time I struggle a little is when I am sat on my bike in the pits next to my friends on their bikes, engines running and they try to speak with me. Usually everyone is revving their engines, either to warm their bikes up or simply annoy the rider directly behind them in the queue who gets a helmet full of exhaust fumes (I haven’t quite worked out which one it is!)… that’s when I sometimes have to shout “WHAT?!” to my mates so they will repeat what they’re saying.

Comfort wise, they fit my small ear lugs perfectly since they’re custom fit and the material they are made of is surprisingly soft. After initially putting my lid on, I had forgotten they were in after a few minutes of riding as they don’t dig in anywhere.

I wish I had taken the leap of faith earlier and got myself a pair of these after realising the foam basic ones you can pick up for £2 didn’t work for me. I couldn’t even get them to the stage where they stayed in my ear and as a result I wouldn’t wear them. Now, because of my stubbornness to seek alternative protection, I suffer from sporadic tinnitus.

Thankfully with Custom Fit Guards, I have found a pair that stay in my ear (even when putting my lid on and taking it off) which makes it less of a chore to put them in before a ride. I also feel less guilty about the impact loud noises have on my hearing and general well-being because I feel like i’m limiting further damage by wearing these every time I hop on my bike, hopefully these will stop my tinnitus from getting progressively worse.

I don’t get headaches anymore from long rides or track days. I genuinely won’t ride without them now.

If you are looking to get a set yourself, I can highly recommend the team at Custom Fit Guards.

You can check out their plugs (and oh boy, is there a variety of them!) here:

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