5 gift ideas when buying for bikers!

Ever sat there wondering what would make the perfect gift for the motorcyclist in your life?

Look no further for I have 5 practical gift ideas that will definitely put a smile on any bikers face.

  1. A voucher to their favourite motorcycle clothing and accessory shop. You can absolutely NEVER go wrong with a voucher. It puts the ball in the receivers court so you know you can’t go wrong!
  2. Earplugs. These are imperative for helping prevent any long term damage caused by general motorcycle ownership, whether it is loud exhaust noise or something as simple as wind noise – it is all damaging and call all be prevented. Ear plugs can range anywhere from 20 pounds for a universal set or up to 200 pounds for custom ones with built in bluetooth. No matter your budget – something is better than nothing! My earplugs of choice are made by Custom Fit Guards in Leamington Spa.
  3. Another item of clothing you can’t go wrong with… base layers! Why not try Bamboo base clothing from Bamigo? Their clothes are made mainly from Bamboo so as well as keeping your temperature regulated with a silky smooth bamboo base, you can also be ethical and help the planet at the same time! Karma is definitely a good thing to have on side.
  4. Why not think about an experience day? It could be a track day, a wheelie school, an off-road experience or some advanced training, where riding is concerned you can never learn too much! A personal favourite of mine is a James Whitham track training day, in fact I’ve just booked one.
  5. Treat them to a customised cartoon of themselves. It’s an unusual but highly personal gift that goes the extra mile. There are plenty artists out there with different styles to suit your needs. One artist offering this service is R1Liz whose cartoons are often fun and playful and another, PopBangColour who has a more abstract style.

I hope you’ve found this little guide helpful. When it comes to bikers, there is always something to fit your budget. A keyring? An organised tour riding dirt bikes around Spain?

It’s the thought that counts.

Gift Ideas For Motorcycle Lovers | Infinity Motorcycles